Sage Pro ERP

Sage Pro ERP is an award-winning accounting and manufacturing system that offers full source code availability and the ultimate in flexibility and growth. Ready to use and easy to adapt and customize, Sage Pro is today’s choice for dynamic, growing businesses with an eye toward increased productivity and revenue.

A comprehensive business management solution, Sage Pro delivers the combined benefits of advanced productivity tools, modifiable source code, and state-of-the-art accounting and manufacturing capabilities. Sage Pro is available in two powerful editions (Sage Pro 100 and 200), both of which offer built-in functionality that allows users to operate more efficiently and profitably, such as automated workflow, powerful drill-down capabilities, advanced reporting, and more. Sage Pro also includes a full suite of modules that are fully customizable to meet a virtually unlimited variety of business needs.

With Sage Pro, you can choose the end-to-end business management applications you want from a comprehensive, integrated suite of accounting and manufacturing modules. In addition, Sage Pro offers seamless out-of-the-box integration to end-to-end business management applications, including customer relationship management (CRM), human resources management, warehouse management, electronic data interchange (EDI), e-commerce, business analytics, and vertical solutions.

Sage Pro Modules

System Manager – is the control center for Sage Pro ERP. With System Manager you can configure system and workstation settings, user security and more. Its data dictionary provides utilities for viewing and maintaining database files, and lets you modify and create your own custom databases and indices.

General Ledger – gives you advanced general ledger and financial reporting capabilities designed to meet the needs of today’s businesses. Entries can be posted to current, previous and future periods, and allows periods to be locked from posting. Flexible report formats provide comprehensive financial, comparative and audit trail options.

Accounts Receivable – is a complete billing and accounts receivable system, with extensive sales analysis reports. It instantly displays and prints 24-month customer sales and 36-month item sales histories and graphs, and updates customer and inventory records in "real time," providing you with the most current information at all times.

Accounts Payable – creates checks and tracks credits, discounts, partial payments and recurring obligations, and generates warning notices to help prevent losses, allowing you to effectively manage your business expenses. It includes numerous vendor and payable inquiries and an extensive library of expense analysis reports.

Inventory Control – automatically tracks inventory balances, serial numbers and lots (optional in Small Business Edition), and product line information. Plus, it prints extensive reports allowing you to easily analyze and control your inventory. All balances are updated in real time for up-to-the-minute, on-screen access.

Order Entry – generates, schedules and maintains estimates, sales orders and backlogs. Invoices are created automatically if linked to Accounts Receivable. Order Entry prints pick lists, UPS C.O.D. tags and a wide variety of sales order analysis reports. Repeats on similar orders can be automatically "copied" from existing or previously shipped orders.

Purchase Orders – is a complete purchase order processing system with real-time tracking, automatic updating of vendors and inventory account balances, and extensive reporting capabilities. With the Message Master module, you have the added capability to fax or send purchase orders via e-mail.

U.S. Payroll – Calculate and maintain payroll and labor distribution for hourly, salaried, commissioned and per-unit employees in an easy-to-use graphical interface. Payroll includes tax calculations for all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

EFT Direct Payroll – This module integrates with Sage Pro Payroll and activates direct deposit capabilities with National Payment Corporation (NPC), a national, bonded, bank-independent clearinghouse. The net amount of an employee’s paycheck can be set up to deposit into the bank account or accounts they specify. Provides support for as many as four bank accounts per employee for direct deposits. Direct Deposit Register and reports included.

Multicurrency – provides a comprehensive means for maintaining various global currencies and exchange rates in your accounting system. Transactions throughout the system are translated from currencies and exchange rates you define. Multicurrency tracks foreign currency trading partners and handles all the transactions and reporting for you. Multicurrency requires General Ledger and Accounts Payable to be installed.

Job Cost – is a fast, flexible accounting tool for project and job cost management. Use Job Cost to evaluate your operations and improve efficiency in everyday work activities. With Job Cost you can monitor labor, material and indirect costs associated with a job or project to ensure profitability. Select features that fit your company’s operation and generate reports that conveniently track jobs by price or cost. Job Cost’s versatility meets the needs of diverse job-oriented businesses, including made-to-order manufacturing, engineering, architectural, construction and service/repair companies.

Project Accounting – provides an estimate, budget and costing tool for job cost management. Allows for up to four levels of cost tracking with project, phase, category and cost-type definitions. The job account mask supports the optional use of phases and/or categories as well as user-defined cost types. Integrates with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control, Payroll, Purchase Orders and Order Entry.

Customization Manager – enables you to customize your ACCPAC Pro Series screens and preserve your changes in future builds. This powerful tool is designed to allow you to make user-specific changes to your ACCPAC Pro Series screens without requiring access to source code. This will save you from having to redo modifications every time you update to a new build.

Production Entry – provides bill of materials, sales kit and configuration, and backflush processing. Supports up to 99 bill of material levels and real-time costing from Inventory Control. Modular and variable BOM types are available to handle product configuration requirements with speed and flexibility, as well as maintaining fewer BOMs.

Work Orders – enables component allocation, routing, and Material Requirement Planning (MRP) features. Production orders can be automatically generated from sales order requirements, inventory shortages, or inventory forecasts. By defining work centers and operation steps, manufacturers can create flexible labor routes. Generates purchase orders from MRP shortages and bill of material components marked for external processing.

Shop Control – delivers shop floor capacity scheduling, what-if planning capabilities, and WIP tracking for production managers that require Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII) features. Imports open work orders with defined routes, identifies bottlenecks, and calculates work order completion dates. What-if plan orders can be created to view material and resource requirements without affecting real-time purchasing decisions.

Intercompany Transactions – lets you enter General Ledger and Accounts Payable transactions that affect more than one company by automatically distributing transactions across two or more companies. Intercompany Transactions simplifies and significantly reduces the amount of work required for Intercompany accounting.

Message Master – an advanced communications tool, simultaneously prints or sends e-mail, faxes, files and/or attaches reports. You can send forms or reports concurrently to a virtually unlimited number of recipients at any time of day with the ability to customize settings by user, and keep a log of all documents transmitted.

ProAlert – an automated workflow tool, specifically designed to notify you of key information-without having to go look for it! It acts as a “business robot,” automatically searching for critical events defined by you, and then taking appropriate action in response.

Customer Connect – tracks customer, vendor, and prospect events for an unlimited number of contact names per company. Provides unlimited notes for each contact event and a follow-up field for effective contact management. Each contact record supports eight phone numbers, nine user-defined fields and additional fields for personal information management.

Bills of Lading – support the planning and tracking of inventory movement between warehouse locations. Prints bill of Lading for warehouse transfer or sales order transactions. Additional attributes can be assigned to inventory items for rules-based handling of National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) codes that universally identify the contents being shipped.

Bills of Materials – Integrates with Sage Pro Series Inventory Control, and provides the ability to create single-level BOMs and Finished Goods. Start with a simple BOM and if necessary, upgrade to the Production Entry module when multi-level bills of material.

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