Imagine TMS

Imagine Transportation Management System

Imagine TMS offers complete warehouse transportation management software that provides efficient, accurate, and timely operations. Imagine has a solution for every function – Pack verify, carrier rate shopping (includes accessorial charges), carrier bar-coded labels, MH10’s, rated manifests through tothe preparation of your ASN’s – Imagine is designed in an easy-to-use Windows environment.

Imagine TMS also communicates or integrates with your host system. Imagine can provide a dynamic exchange of data and in itself justify the implementation. The integration will save hours of duplicated work to maintain your database, verification of ship-to addresses, corrections of data entry errors, paper filled notes for freight costs to charge back the customer, reports, tracing customer service and more depending on your requirements.

Imagine TMS can handle your company’s requirements

  • Available in “Stand-Alone” mode, Multi-Station “LAN” or Multi-Location “WAN” thin client environments
  • Can operate with three different Databases (Access, SQL, Oracle)
  • Is not just software. It is a process for effectively running your distribution center and the tools necessary to help you do so. Think of it as a “PC-in-the-Warehouse” that focuses on helping you to boost warehouse productivity, improve customer service, reduce errors and slash costs!
  • Inaccurate inventory data
  • Unacceptable service levels

Imagine TMS delivers efficient shipping operations. Paper handling and carrier selection is a major source of warehouse inefficiency, lost productivity and errors. Warehouse workers often spend valuable time selecting the appropriate carrier, rating the shipments, writing out labels, waybills, internal logs and filling out carrier books. Imagine uses a computer to become your expert in the warehouse. Carrier rating books, lists or logs are no longer required to manage your warehouse efficiently. Reports and shipping analysis are generated from reports in the Imagine software.

Imagine TMS/WMS Integration Benefits
Imagine TMS/WMS Radio Frequency (integration) makes your decision simple. Imagine can also integrate or communicate with our own supplied Imagine TMS/WMS or other RF solutions.

Imagine TMS/WMS boosts productivity and diminishes errors by eliminating the guesswork in the warehouse. Before an order is picked, the carrier label is produced and prompts you to pick orders directly into the final shipping cartons. It can also rate-shop the shipment, print freight labels for the empty cartons, and manifest automatically. The result: pick, pack and ship in one step!

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