CoreVault™ solutions drastically simplify an organization’s backup, recovery, and archiving processes, and virtually eliminate the problems associated with traditional tape-based backup. Data is encrypted, then backed up to one of our secure data centers. Safely off-site, the data is professionally managed and available online at all times for immediate recovery.

CoreVault™ gives organizations the confidence in knowing that critical information is securely stored for as long as necessary, yet quickly accessible when need. For more information on specific regulatory compliance issues, please visit the following sections:

CoreVault™ offers a variety of services to meet your needs

CoreVault Secure™
CoreVault Secure™ is a superior managed service that backs up an organization’s business-critical data to one of our secure data vaults. Safely off-site, the encrypted data is professionally managed and available online at all times for immediate recovery. Works seamlessly in an organization’s existing computer infrastructure — no additional hardware is required.

CoreVault Desktop™
Automated, online data protection and recovery service for desktop and laptop computers. Business-critical data doesn’t just reside on servers, but throughout an organization’s distributed network of desktop and laptop computers. Backing up this data is vital for business continuity. CoreVault™ provides a fully automated managed service for backing up desktops and laptops, or allowing larger organizations to centralize and streamline the data protection of all desktops and laptops in the corporate network, as well as in remote offices.

Application Agents
CoreVault™ offers application agents that provide finer granularity backups of business-critical applications while they are up and running. Application agents for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and Oracle are available.

Online backup services
CoreVault™"s online backup and recovery service eliminates the need for tape-based backups. By removing the associated costs of tape-based backups (no tapes to purchase, handle, transport, catalog, or store) not to mention human error and data loss risks inherent in manual backup procedures, IT personnel can now focus on more strategic business initiatives.

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