What can HRMS do for you?

At Axis Global Partners, we can support your organization by designing an HR/payroll software solution that will assist you in recruiting the right skills, improve employee retention, identifying areas for increasing efficiency and reducing HR costs.

We know that understanding your business environment and processes is key to a successful implementation of a new HR software platform. AXIS combines strong experience and expertise in business methodologies with seasoned, professional, fully certified Sage ACCPAC integrators to deliver an HR Payroll software solution that your business can rely on.

Using Sage Sage Accpac HRMS Series, AXIS can integrate your company’s existing payroll software with a robust Human Resources solution that includes HR Administration, Benefits Management, Attendance and Compensation and Performance. We can also help you modernize the employee experience with an Intranet enabled module that allows employees to view and update their personal information, check sick and vacation balances and access a complete company directory.

AXIS will help your organization create strategies that meet immediate and long-term business needs by aligning your strategic business objectives with your Human Resources systems and practices. Talk to us today about many features of our HR payroll software and how they will work for you.

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