Accellos One Slot

Maximize the Performance of Your Warehouse

Slotting is a planning tool that insures the optimal placement of products within a Distribution Center. This tool, while requiring accurate data, power users and a change in the business culture, does offer a high ROI.”

The name of the game in today’s economy is to continue to grow your business without a commensurate increase in personnel, equipment, or warehouse space. By leveraging Accellos One Slot, you can optimize both the location of your products in the warehouse and the distance that your warehouse workers have to travel to pick your high velocity items.

Accellos One Slot is an affordable suite of tools designed to maximize the overall performance of your warehouse. It helps to answer the questions of how much, how fast, where, when and why you require facilities and staff in the warehouse. The net result is higher productivity, better utilization of available rack space and increased throughput in your warehouse.

Available both as a fully integrated component of the overall Accellos One family of supply chain products or as a standalone set of tools for companies looking to improve the performance of their warehouse, Accellos One Slot can provide strategic differentiation as you work toward achieving your goals in today’s dynamic business environment.


Ensure no space is wasted by dynamically slotting your warehouse


Take steps out of your picker’s paths by efficiently locating your items


Easily allow for new or seasonal items


Put your high velocity items in locations that are easy to reach


Realize gains in key metrics like picks per hour, perfect orders and cycle times


Easily size facilities including racking requirements – exportable to the leading CAD/CAM products


Determine product placement and layout location, at the SKU level. Set criteria for family groups, product classes and vendor characteristics. Set and model security, hazard and stackability factors. Optimize warehouse product layout, based on cost or other user-definable criteria


Determine the most efficient way to store and access products at a predetermined SKU level. Optimize storage media, compare alternatives, calculate costs and develop “what if?” scenarios


Determine the most efficient building configuration by calculating the non-storage space requirements for a warehouse facility. Create a simulation that uses sizing and capacity to calculate the optimum configuration for loading doors, docks and staging areas

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