Accellos One Pulse

The Heartbeat of Your Business

You cannot manage what you do not measure. In Aberdeen Research’s recent study entitled “Business Intelligence for the Small to Medium Business (SMB)”, they found that there were four primary pressures driving deployment of BI in the SMB market space:

  • Need for better speed of access to relevant data
  • Need for improved integration of data from multiple business applications
  • Need to provide visibility to a broader audience
    • Greater number of internal users
    • External partners and customers
    • Need to reduce the overall cost

    It is a well known fact that if you’re not measuring the results of your enterprise, it is difficult to declare victory or defeat. Yet many companies, due to the historic high cost of deploying business intelligence solutions, have chosen to stay with hard copy reports that get printed, set aside and typically not used.

    Accellos One Pulse enables 3PL’s, distributors, retailers, manufacturers and transportation companies to get immediate insight into the key performance indicators that drive decisions in their business every day. Especially in the economic times that we find ourselves, can you afford not to have access across your extended enterprise to real time analytics displaying the present state of your business, historically relevant charts and graphs highlighting important trends and time sensitive reports and alerts pointing out key criteria to aid in your decision making process?

    Accellos One Pulse Features:

    • Dashboards: Leverage extensible dashboards to deliver actionable information to the right people in the right format
    • Alerts: Define tolerance criteria against your metrics to enable real time delivery of alert information to your desktop or mobile device
    • Real-time Analytics: Monitor the health of key metrics in real time
    • Role-based Views: Ensure that your enterprise, both employees and customers, have visibility into those metrics that make sense for the role they play

    Pulse is Available Anywhere

    Pulse’s browser-based design makes it simple to use regardless of location. We’ve taken a page from Microsoft Office and made it very familiar and intuitive to learn how to use:

    • Charts and graphs
    • Data grids and reports
    • Gauges

    Extensible KPI’s and Metrics

    Pulse doesn’t lock you in to a predetermined set of metrics. Using extensible meta-data, the user has the ability to design and establish:

    • Key performance indicators
    • Ranked lists
    • Real-time analytics

    Works with Multiple Applications

    Using a flexible integration system, Pulse will work with:

    • Accellos One Transport
    • Accellos One Warehouse
    • Accellos One 3PL
    • Prophesy Dispatch
    • Leading ERP systems
    • SQL compliant data

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