Accellos One Optimize

Load and Route Optimization

Using a private or dedicated fleet, the goal seems simple, deliver your goods on time and at minimum cost. In the real world you create operational plans that juggle order consolidation, load optimization, delivery time windows, route planning, variable fleet size, backhauls, stop order definition and DOT regulations, no small task. You have to find a way to:

  • Create intelligent transportation plans for consolidation, routing and scheduling
  • Reduce total operating costs
  • Analyze and optimize distribution patterns

Accellos One Optimize enables 3PL’s, distributors, retailers and manufacturers to maximize the effectiveness of their freight spend. It combines load building optimization, scheduling, and routing decision support for least cost shipping.


Leverage real time opportunities for shipment consolidation


Automated load planning saves 10-20% on transportation costs

Time Savings

Make last minute adjustments and changes late in the shipment cycle

Exceed Expectations

Meet dock schedules and deadlines every time

Increase Efficiency

Optimize distribution patterns, route building and cost analysis

Improve Access

Get visibility from any browser, anywhere

Available Anywhere

Optimize’s browser-based design makes it simple to use regardless of location. We’ve taken a page from Microsoft Office and made it very familiar and intuitive to learn how to build:

  • Order consolidations
  • Optimal use of your fleet
  • Bills of lading
  • Optimal loads and routes
  • Optimal distribution patterns
  • Shipping documentation

Powerful Rules Engine

Optimize takes a variety of parameters into consideration as it formulates the plan to maximize utilization and meet the needs of your company’s logistics management team:

  • Order consolidation
  • Time and distance
  • DOT regulations
  • Delivery time windows
  • Variable fleet size
  • Corporate goals

Seamless Integrattion

Using a flexible integration system, Optimize will work with:

  • Leading dispatch systems
  • ERP/WMS/TMS systemsStandard flat file import

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