Are You a Customer Centric Company?

Success = Customer Satisfaction!

So many people seem to want to talk about CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in terms of technology.  Nothing could be further from the truth! Let me ask this question. Does CRM exist without computers or software? Well, let me answer my own question on this just because I can. Of course CRM exists without software and computers!

The concept of how we manage our relationships with our customers is nothing new. The “End in Mind” for taking care of customers is convincing them that we care. How? By providing them with great products, great services, truly delivering value, and knowing, that within reason, we care more about their needs than our own. And in the end, we engage in a win-win outcome of every order of every product or service or combination of the two.

So, I guess we do not need software or computers. That may be right. But wait….. Let us explore further.

I would submit that at the core of a transaction is an effort to care about the order, the customer and to end in an attitude of gratitude.  A thank you note, a letter, or a call makes the customer feel appreciated. If in fact we only have one or two customers, this is pretty easy to do and we should be able to remember to do this. Although I readily admit, should is an interesting word.

With hundreds, or perhaps thousands of customers or contacts, this becomes a daunting task at the very least. Would it not be great if we could automate that process? Would it be even greater if we could monitor the process and the results? What if only 30% of our customers truly felt appreciated? And that, my friend, is just scratching the surface.

CRM, at its core, is about automating the process of customer care, or some would say, contact care.

Make no mistake here, an automated system is also about me, the user. Can it make my life better? Can it lessen my stress? I would suggest NO QUESTION! Build a better life for all with CRM!!! Starting with me………..

Okay, you say “Tim you are not serious right?” I say I am ABOSULTELY serious!

Where to start?

Call me and let’s do lunch (that’s if you are local, although I will consider Maui).

The first step should be to apply a CRM Vision analysis and identify your needs, your expectations and the big issues that face you and/or your company.

Remember, your company’s customers, vendors, contacts, and employees are strategic assets!

Show your customers you care by quick access to timely information!

Make it easier to send out communications that can be tracked and are visible to the entire organization. And don’t forget messages of gratitude ….


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