Windows 7 or Mac??? You May Be Surprised

So, I just had to speak to this issue. I am utterly fascinated by the seemingly constant battering of the loyalists of Apple’s MAC. Let me be clear on my own bias first, and yes, everyone has their own bias.

Not to bore anyone, but I must admit that I started my journey to ‘geekism’ in 1980 something and bought an Apple II plus….running CPM. I know, nobody probably knows what that was, and that is a great subject for another post.  I was fascinated with what the computer could do. Now fast forward to today, I am still fascinated on what they do as these little miracle machines have become something we depend upon, not just something we have fun with. Now on with the show, my point?

Well, with all due respect to Microsoft, let me take my professional hat off and just be blunt. Windows is okay and Vista was cool until we got to use it for awhile. Then, I would have to say it sucks (sorry for my “French”). I just got so frustrated with Vista with slowdown issues and finding files….stuff that would just not work. I will state that I rebuilt Vista no less than six times to fix issues (Thank God for Image backups). So, one day I said to myself, I really want a MAC. I mean really, who does not like the MAC commercials?

So, $1400.00 later a new box and a new toy…I can hardly wait! Opened the box, set it up and LOVE IT …LOVE IT…LOVE IT! BIG 24” crystal clear monitor, Microsoft Office, connected to my Exchange Server… who could ask for anything more? Good thing I love it because my wonderful wife was not for the “investment”. I will say that getting used to where you size and close windows took a bit of getting used to. But the BIG item, the small keyboard. If you are an 8 year old, then you’re okay. I bought a new wireless Logitech keyboard and all is well.

Right after I bought my Apple, Windows 7 was released to the Action Pack group and I tried it right away. You know I can’t ever wait to try something new when it comes to computers or anything else for that matter. Anyways…let’s give kudos to Microsoft. It‘s faster, more stable, less resource intensive, more fun (that is really important to me), and shuts down a lot faster. Well done boys in Redmond, well done!


MAC is awesome. Still some issues with programs that only run on the PC, but far less than the past. Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, awesome. For me, slight edge to MAC. I use both and enjoy both. Let see how Windows 7 does after six months or so on the job. Expect to hear from me either way.  I make no small issue of this….I am now a member of the partisan and loyal MAC family. What kind of car should I get that has a iMac identity?

Oh and by the way, my MAC found my Windows Server and my printers considerably faster than my Windows 7 PRO. Why is that?


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