Why Understanding Your Business Data Matters

No one knows your business better than you do.  Finding ways to get to the data from all your business management solutions (accounting, customer relationship management, warehouse management or human resources) in order to analyze and take quick action is critical in today’s economic environment.  While larger organizations have embraced business intelligence (BI) into their operations, small and medium size businesses shy away due to additional costs for licensing and training and the complexities of maintaining one more application.

What if I told you that you did not need to make a significant investment because you may already own these products?  By removing the cost barrier for licenses and products and leveraging the tools you use every day, making better decisions quicker is just a click away.  BI will provide your company with a better view of the business.  Your company becomes smarter and more efficient to face the challenges that lie ahead.  Here are some areas where BI can benefit your company:

  • Produce accurate sales information by geography or sales rep.
  • Develop a list of top customers
  • Create daily updates by sales product against target for your sales reps
  • Analyze inventory items in order to eliminate unprofitable product lines

You can make reports available to all employees using familiar tools such as Excel, and Word documents.  Reports can even be published to a central location such as the Web and automatically updated so you and your team can make informed business decisions based on the most current information available.  By consolidating your existing systems, you will have the flexibility to create “ad hoc” reports which allow you to create customized queries, intuitive scorecards that track your company’s key performance indicators with rich data visualization, including embedded graphs and charts.
To learn more about business intelligence, visit our website’s Business Intelligence section.  If interested in our FREE white paper “How Better Analytics Can Lead Your Business to Higher Profits” please e-mail me at manny.buigas@axisgp.com and request your copy today.

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