CRM-What positive impact can my organization expect?


CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Excellent customer service is always about being aware of your customer’s needs and reacting to them effectively and in a timely manner. CRM enables you to understand, anticipate, and respond to those needs in a consistent way, right across your entire organization.

Practicing CRM requires an efficient and integrated internal business system. Many businesses can greatly benefit from the organizational discipline and technology that CRM provides.

CRM will help your business if you view it as a set of tools that empowers you to do more.

Define MORE: More for your customer, more for your employees, more profit for you.

CRM will do the following, if you have the vision and discipline:

  • Develop better communication channels
  • Collect vital data, like customer details and order histories
  • Create detailed profiles such as customer preferences
  • Deliver instant, company-wide access to customer histories
  • Identify new selling opportunities

So, how can you measure CRM benefits?

–  CRM benefits can be measured and quantified.

–  Using CRM applications can lead to increases in revenue from:

  • Reductions in operating costs – what is the cost of a support call to a call desk verses a automated system originating at your website?
  • A higher percentage of cross-selling as a result of offering a single point of contact with your company
  • More success in attracting new customers and closing deals faster, through quicker and more efficient responses to customer leads and customer information
  • Simplification of marketing and sales processes by understanding customer needs
  • Better customer service – through improved responsiveness and understanding that builds customer loyalty and decreases customer “angst”.
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