The Speed of Trust


The Speed of Trust seminar was in Chicago a few months ago and I was fortunate enough to attend. While being a Covey fan in general, I was more than pleasantly surprised with my experience that day. Steven M. Covey is indeed the real deal. He gets it, he did it, and he wants to pass it on. I would highly recommned attending one of these events and make sure you bring and open mind.

From my viewpoint, Steven expresses the very core of who we are. This is not just some seminar jargon, this is CORE. EVERYTHING, without exception will go smoother, faster, with more satisfaction, and MUCH greater opportunity when trust is present. It all begins with the subliminal thought, I trust you, therefore…I will, I do, I can, just tell me…etc.

Being in sales much of my life, I know the best way to truly help clients succeed is to convince them that I have their best interests at heart; it is NOT just a sale. When the client is convinced of this, true dialog takes place. Now, let me be clear here, this does not mean I have a sale because there is trust. As a matter of fact it may mean, I DO NOT have a sale because of this trust. Some say what goes around comes around, some say its positive energy, some say it’s the Law of Attraction. I say this trust I speak of is all of those.

How does this relate to CRM?

Well first of all, we care enough about our customers to track what they do, what they buy, what their trends are, and more importantly, be proactive with their account. We care enough to make ourselves efficient by having all the data in one place so we can easily and more quickly find the right information for them. We care enough about employees that we have provided systems that allow them easy and efficient access to information, which makes their day go smoother and perhaps helps their mood when dealing with customers. We care enough about our profit to steward our resources so we don’t just take care of our customers, but generate more revenue for our organization. I could go on…and I will …in another post

Authored by: Tim Veach

Now let’s talk about how this works at home…well maybe let’s not go there… for now anyway

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