Resource Planner for SageCRM

Product Features

Graphically manage and schedule your resources from a multiple weekly
or monthly view. Users are color-coded for easy schedule viewing.

Easily view all scheduled activity in a weekly view.

Monthly View

Easily view all scheduled activity in a monthly view.

More Features:

  • Drag and drop appointments or any scheduled activities quickly and
  • View all activity types, phone calls, meetings, demonstrations even
    custom types defined within your CRM system.
  • Create your own icons to indicate custom activity, allowing for quick
    visual recognition of activities.
  • Drag over empty areas within the calendar to schedule new activities
    and appointments using the standard SageCRM MME activity schedule.
  • Customizable Tool tip style information on activities. See the key
    data fields you want just by moving the mouse over an activity.

  • Filter your activities by multiple fields to allow you to quickly
    and easily find information.
  • Assign your own colors to individual users, for easy grouping and
  • Seamless integration with MME. No external applications,
  • Monthly view and weekly view support, along with 5 day working or
    7 day week views.
  • Easy point and click installation on your web server.
  • No local client installation or configuration.
  • Multiple user calendar, view up to as many users’ calendars
    as you require.

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