Moving and Tracking Goods through Your Warehouse Using License Plates

How can goods be moved and tracked through the warehouse?
Well, with WMS, logs are created automatically to provide after-the-fact
reporting of movement and the Web Dispatch and handheld screens allow
easy lookup of current stock locations. But what about handling larger
groups of stock, or disparate items? This month’s article deals
with grouping of inventory items for easier movement and tracking through
the warehouse using license plates.

First, let’s define the terms as used in Sage Accpac WMS.

License Plate

A license plate is a unique number from 9-20 characters, which
is associated with specific products in a specific bin. License plates
provide an effective way of grouping together products, and identifying
and tracking those products in the warehouse. License plates are created
in Sage Accpac WMS with any process that adds stock into a bin, such as
receiving, adjustments that add stock to the warehouse and moves within
the warehouse from one bin into another bin. Once the license plate is
created, you can add and remove products from the license plate, move
and assign the license plate to new bin, pick the license plate to fulfill
a sales order, etc.

Many warehousing functions can be performed as usual by the user, while
the license plate information is preserved by Sage Accpac WMS, without
the need for manual intervention.

Creating, Moving and Deleting License Plates

License plates can be created during receiving or while doing adjustments
to inventory.

You can move products out of a license plate using the handheld Direct
Move and Adjustment functions.

Deleting a license plate lets you reuse the license plate number.

Direct Move function can be used for a variety of operations that let
you to manage license plates in the warehouse. Direct Move can be used
to move an entire license plate from one bin to another. When you move
a license plate to a different bin, the license plate is reassigned to
the new bin and the license plate is no longer associated with the first
bin location. The Direct Move function can also be used to add and remove
products from existing license plates.

Picking an order with License plates

License plate picking is simplified and extremely effective –
scan the license plate and then scan the shipping label—quantity,
lots, serials, etc. are already known.
If the pick is not intended for a license plate, then regular picking
is used. License plate and non-license plate picking can be freely mixed
in an order.

In summary, license plates provide a simple yet efficient way to group
goods and move them through the warehouse. For more information, contact
our us at

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