Axis Rewards

The greatest compliment we can receive is when you share with someone else the positive experience you’ve had with Axis Global Partners. The fact that you trust us with your business management information system carries a lot of weight, which is why we ask our customers to share their good experiences with others. 

When you refer someone to us who becomes an Axis Global Partners’ client, we give you or your company (depending on your company policy) $1,000.00, or donate the same amount to the charity of your choice. Consider this our way of saying thank you and as a demonstration of how much we appreciate you and your business. 

Is there someone you could refer whom you feel could benefit from our services? We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to provide them with the same service and value that you receive from us. 

Axis Global Partners ideal client is a small to midsized business that can benefit from replacing inadequate or outdated systems. Axis clients operate in a wide range of industries including Distribution, Manufacturing, Nonprofit and Governmental Agencies, Professional and Financial Services, Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, Recording, Association and Insurance. The ideal client is located anywhere in the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean. Typically these organizations have annual revenues in excess of 5 million dollars but most importantly they understand the value of information technology.

The best way to refer a client to Axis is by making an introduction between us and the company they’d like to refer by phone, e-mail or even in person. We encourage our clients and affiliates to tell their clients, colleagues and friends why they appreciate working with Axis and what they think our best qualities are. Once the introduction is made Axis will contact the company for a get acquainted call. If it’s a fit, we’ll set up an on-site meeting or more in depth phone call. If it’s not a fit, we’ll let them know why and make any recommendations possible. Either way, we will follow up with you to let you know the status of your referral.

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