Strengthen Your Sales Efforts with Industry Intelligence

In today’s competitive business environment, the sale usually goes to the company that best demonstrates the ability to understand a prospect’s business issues and how your product offering resolves them.

Industry Intelligence allows you to be strategic through every stage of the sales cycle. Instead of focusing on your products, you bring value to the table with industry insights that your prospects and clients can use to make more informed decisions and better meet their own goals. In doing so, it is easy to engage Business Decision Makers (BDMs) while positioning your products and services as solutions that address the industry and economic developments already impacting their business.

As a subscriber to First Research (, we believe that having access to Industry Intelligence Tools eliminates the guess work of identifying critical issues and enhances our credibility with our prospects.  First Research is the leading provider of Industry Intelligence Tools that help sales and marketing teams perform faster and smarter, open doors and close more deals.

First Research performs the “heavy lifting” by analyzing hundreds of sources to create insight­ful and easy to digest Industry Intelligence that can be consumed very quickly to better understand a prospect’s or client’s business issues. Customers include leading companies in banking, accounting, insurance, technology, telecommunications, business process outsourcing and professional services.  Used by more than 83,000 sales professionals, First Research can benefit any organization which has prospects in multiple industries.


As a subscriber, we have ready access to:

  1. INDUSTRY PROFILES. Easy to read and updated quarterly, Industry Profiles offer a guide to over 700 industry segments. These in-depth summaries are carefully organized and easily customizable, so current information about your target markets’ challenges, opportunities, critical industry statistics, issues and changes is always on hand.
  2. CALL PREP SHEETS. First Research Call Prep Sheets help you understand the issues before you pick up the telephone. These one-page industry overviews help you quickly tailor sales calls, gain confidence, streamline conversations and refine sales messages.
  3. EMAIL ALERTS. First Research Email Alerts automatically deliver at-a-glance insight directly to your in-box each quarter, keeping you abreast of critical issues, business trends and industry-specific changes affecting your clients.
  4. STATE & PROVINCE PROFILES. First Research State & Province Profiles help you bring regional insight to prospects and clients. They offer a concise view of shifting economic and business issues using state and province specific employment data, real estate insight, business news updates and Web resources.
  5. INDUSTRY PROSPECTOR.  First Research Industry Prospector allows you to select and rank industries based on industry drivers and key economic metrics.  Benchmark industries according to opportunity versus risk to benefit the front end of your sales or marketing process.

First Research has exciting enhancements on the way.  Industry Express, audio versions of Industry Intelligence content, will be available soon.  The enhancement allows users to access and download Industry Intelligence to portal audio devices for added convenience while you travel.  Look for more details shortly!

Having these Industry Intelligence Tools in your arsenal will give your firm the competitive edge you need to win more business.  For more information, contact us at or contact First Research at 866-788-9389.

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