A Closer Look at CRM Reveals Clear Benefits

One of the key components of the Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite is SageCRM which provides tools that support your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support activities.  If you need better sales pipeline visibility, want to find new revenue opportunities, or would like to improve customer service, then read on to learn more about CRM.

What is CRM Anyway?
CRM is an acronym that stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s useful to think about CRM software as technology that helps you manage customer relationships in an organized way. CRM software, like SageCRM, provides tools like contact and lead management, sales pipeline reporting, meeting scheduler and task reminders, call center automation, and marketing campaign management.

Perhaps most important is that ALL customer and prospect interaction is entered into a single CRM database that’s part of your core Sage Accpac system.  Without the tools that SageCRM offers, you might find that silos of sales and customer information are trapped in Excel spreadsheets, hand-written in a notebook, or stored on a mobile device.

One View = Better Customer Service
From the outside, your customers look at your business as a single entity even though they may deal with various personnel in different departments. If your sales team is working with outdated product pricing or a manufacturing team lacks visibility to recent quotes, you may be setting the stage for an unpleasant customer experience.

But with Extended Enterprise Suite, all customer interactions are unified into a single database – both front and back office.  That means everyone in your company is working from the same data, following the same workflow, and breaking down departmental barriers. Integrated data translates into more accurate reports, better decisions, and a complete 360-degree view of your operations. The ultimate goal of CRM is to use information collected by all departments to improve the quality of services provided by your company.

Eliminate the “Blind Spots”
While there are several CRM software solutions on the market today, you have an advantage as a Sage Accpac customer because SageCRM is embedded in the Extended Enterprise Suite.  Why is that important?  Because research shows that significant “blind spots” still exist after stand-alone CRM implementations that don’t address back-office connectivity. That means sales and customer service is using one tool while accounting and operations are using another. But with Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite, everyone in your entire organization is using the same system, breaking down departmental barriers, and eliminating blind spots.

The Benefit is Clear
Specific benefits cited by companies that have adopted an integrated CRM strategy include more timely and targeted customer communication, improved employee productivity, shorter sales cycles, improved visibility into business performance, more accurate sales forecasting, greater cross-sell & up-sell success, better-informed marketing decisions, and fewer customer problems.

Front-to-Back-Office Integration
Contact Us to request a copy of this white paper that discusses the benefits of an integrated front- and back-office solution like Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite.

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