Why do some ERP implementations fail?

Is there any way to guarantee a successful ERP implementation?

We should start by looking at research that reveals some of the reasons for failure…

1. Did not understand what the new system is designed to achieve.

2. Management was involved but NOT committed.

3. Current processes not adequately defined, lack of Business Requirements.

4. Based on number 3 above, the ERP system did not match..the inadequately defined requirements.

5. Inadequate resources provided by client.

6. Internal resistance to change.

7. Unrealistic expectations of the benefits and the ROI.

8. Users not shown how to use the new tool, transfer of knowledge  not accomplished.

9. Unrealistic time frame expectations

10. Management not buying into the priority of the new system.

11. Client did not prepare for the actual expense.

Tim Veach
AXIS Global Partners

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