The Path to ERP Success

A proven path to implementation success:

1. Education and training, need I say more!?!  The need to educate everyone cannot be understated.  Train the process owners
(department managers) in how to use the system. Have them train the users.

2. Make sure you do a Business Analysis – Business Requirements process to streamline the current processes. While there will be a cost for this process both in time and money, this will be an money very well spent. Setting up the criteria for success will be the difference between success and  failure.

3. Planning, training and education for the IT Support staff to understand
the new hardware, software and network imperatives.

4. Business Process Redesign (Match business processes with the new

5. Software Modifications only when Business Processes that do not
differentiate you in the marketplace are not supported by the software.

7. Go Live – understand all aspects of this process. Transfer of knowledge is critical!

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