EES Supplement: Hit the Road with SageCRM Mobile

Smartphones have rapidly become the working tool of choice for mobile professionals.  Even the trusty laptop has been demoted to the ‘big and clunky’ category.  Now that CRM is well-established and proven its value for many businesses, IT departments are being asked to extend CRM to sales people, executives, and other road warriors who have become attached to smartphones for their convenience, easy access, and ‘always-on’ benefits. This trend has lead to the increasing popularity of mobile CRM – CRM that’s ready to hit the road.

But mobile CRM isn’t just about “gee whiz” technology.  By improving convenience and access to CRM data, you’ll also improve user adoption which is critically important to a successful CRM strategy.  Simply put, your mobile employees will actually use and benefit from CRM and not view it as an administrative anchor that chains them to their desks.

Taking SageCRM on the Road
SageCRM, part of the Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite, extends to your mobile device using the Microsoft Windows Mobile® operating system, delivering up-to-the-minute customer data through the convenience of wireless connectivity.  And we’re not talking about a stripped-down, limited version of SageCRM.  In fact, you can access a full range of functions using your PDA to update contact details, review sales opportunities, or schedule follow-up activities and appointments while you’re on the road.

Having instant CRM access right in your back pocket can have far-reaching benefits.  It improves the quality, timeliness, and perhaps most important, the accuracy of CRM data.  No more customer notes on Yellow lined notepads or chicken scratch on the back of a napkin that may not make it to your CRM system.  Even during a meeting, you can discretely pull out your mobile device, enter notes and schedule follow up meetings and to-do’s right on the spot which ensures timely and accurate follow up.

Online or Off, You Stay Productive
Another important aspect of SageCRM mobile is that data can be stored locally on your device.  That way, you have the CRM information you need online or off.  Whether you’re in a meeting, on a plane, or in the middle of a cornfield in Iowa with no reception, you remain productive and can perform all CRM functions without having to connect and exchange data with the SageCRM server.  Simply work offline, stay productive, and synchronize later.

Extending CRM to your mobile workforce is quickly becoming a necessity and not an option if you want to remain efficient and competitive. 

Contact us and learn more about taking SageCRM on the Road.

Tips and Tricks on the SageCRM Blog
Recently, the Sage Accpac Online Community was launched offering discussion forums, blogs, and a knowledgebase for Accpac users. One of the Blogs, offered by Rob Lawson, is called SageCRM for Accpac – Taking it to the Next Level.  During his time with Sage, Rob has answered hundreds of questions about “How do I do X in SageCRM?” Through his blog, he answers questions from the SageCRM user community, evaluates 3rd party tools available for SageCRM, and shares product tips and tricks.  Click below to check out some of the recent blog entries:

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