Manage Resources, Products & Services with Technisoft Service Manager

Does your organization have a need for a job costing, equipment tracking, or maintenance scheduling solution for Sage ACCPAC ERP? Then Service Manager is the solution for any of these needs. Service Manager has been developed by Technisoft, a designated preferred developer by Sage ACCPAC. Preferred developers are independent software companies that provide quality, well tested solutions to expand the functionality of Sage ACCPAC. Service Manager is developed using the Sage ACCPAC software development tools allowing for the product to operate within Sage ACCPAC seamlessly following Sage ACCPAC’s entire framework allowing the user to have a consistent experience. Service Manager has been developed and implemented over the past 21 years and has matured to a robust and well tested solution.

At the heart of Service Manager are jobs. Jobs may be broken down into several phases. The key benefit to this is that each job and all phases within that job can collect cost information, track revenues, and do so for both actual and budget values. These lines may be detailed time entries from multiple individuals, usage records for assigned pieces of equipment, sub contractor services, and all billing documents per each job or phase. A purchase order may be created from within service manager to associate the receipts so that goods may be assigned to the job. A RMA and sales order may also be created within Service Manager that is associated to the job. The RMA may be either a return from your customer to your organization or a return to your vendor. Any job or job phase may have either type of RMA or even both.

Service Manager also enables you to correctly bill your jobs by issuance and tracking of service contracts. Service contracts may be sold as an individual item, or as warranty for services previously performed or for equipment sold. The ability to define the coverage for service contracts is robust allowing for a type of service to be covered while offering reduced rates or discounts on additional services or equipment purchases.

Equipment tracking can be either client / customer equipment or it can also be equipment that is internal to your organization. Details about equipment can be tracked based on the make and model of equipment in addition to the individual items. When equipment is associated with a job, the usage or meter reading can be tracked. This can then allow for advanced maintenance of the equipment such as scheduling preventative maintenance based on usage or service contract.

Service manager includes the ability to schedule jobs and maintenance tasks, and to see the availability of assets such as equipment and employees. To increase the productivity of assigned employees, additional service manager modules are available to add the ability to enter information on jobs while in the field either in an online or offline mode. The PDA service is the first such module. 

This module allows for the tracking and entering of data on mobile phones or PDA’s. The devices this operates on are Windows Pocket PC 2003 or Windows Mobile 5 devices. If the device has wireless internet access then the data is entered and updated to the Sage ACCPAC system live. If the devices do not have wireless internet access, then the job information is downloaded to the device and changes will take effect the next time the device is synchronized. 

If remote availability is needed on a PC, the employee web portal module for Service Manager is available. An employee may log into the internet site and enter new jobs or add additional information about jobs from any site with internet access. The employee portal can be a standalone web site or as a plug in to SageCRM. A separate login capability is included with the standalone employee portal and standard CRM security would apply when used as a CRM plug in. A customer portal will soon be available. This stand alone web site allows for customers to log in and create a service request. This web site is outside of SageCRM. A customer may also view the progress and status of existing jobs.

Another capability of Service Manager is the knowledge base. Faults, symptoms, and solutions are tracked allowing for the building of a knowledge base based on the make and model of equipment.

This knowledge base may be searched allowing for fast resolution to known issues. Many standard reports are available allowing for the analysis of types of jobs, an individual job, service contracts, or a make and model of equipment. Preconfigured forms such as invoices, work orders, purchase orders, and Return Authorizations are also included. Integration to Icinity Credit Card processing also expands the Service Module functionality so that credit cards may be authorized and accepted as payment for goods and services directly within Service Manager.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact your AXIS consultant or email us at for more information.

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