Automating Benefits with the Saves HR Time and Money

HR departments have a mandate to reduce costs at a time when the cost of managing benefits has increased dramatically. To do that successfully, organizations must invest in effective and automated HR and benefits management systems.

The amount of paperwork generated in traditional benefits management is staggering – for both the employer and employee. As a result, accuracy becomes a critical issue. If every enrollment form is filled out by hand and the data is transcribed and submitted to the carrier by the HR department, the room for error is considerable. There is also the potential for HR errors to cause an employee or a member of their family to be without coverage for a period of time creating a liability problem for the organization.

The answer to these problems is to provide employees with an online benefits enrollment system that allows them to take control of their benefits data and its accuracy. With automated systems, the HR department can control the process by monitoring an employee’s whereabouts within the enrollment cycle, and creating communications that encourage employees to complete and submit their information on time.

It is also important that the payroll and HR systems are fully integrated so that the payroll process highlights any changes. With payroll integration, HR departments are granted greater payroll independence and can easily connect to one of the many leading payroll solutions on the market. When Payroll Connect is initiated, it compares the HR database against the payroll solution’s database to ensure that both systems are synchronized and working off the same employee and benefits data, supporting consistency and accuracy. New hire, benefits, bonuses, attendance and leave information are transferred automatically between the systems.

With HR solutions, workforce management becomes a fully integrated and centralized HR function that promotes connectivity, communication and control. Thousands of organizations rely on HR systems to reduce inefficiencies and increase productivity. Contact Axis Global Partners today, and find out how an HR system can revolutionize the way you do business.

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