Empower Your HR Department – Reduce the Time & Cost of Compiling Information

How much time do you spend searching for information in
employee file folders? How much time do you spend collating that information
for management reports? Wouldn’t it be easier just to have all that
information at your fingertips in HR Series Software – including
scanned original documents?

Your HR department is a cost center. It’s in every one’s
best interest to make this essential department as efficient as possible.
The more time spent recruiting talent and supporting exiting employees,
the more successful the HR department is. It isn’t efficient to
have to go to a paper file anytime information is needed for an employee,
or to check what benefits the employee is enrolled in or to check when
their last review was filed, or to see if their certifications are current
or if they’ve completed required training. With HR Series Software
original documents can be scanned into the software, and accessed by employees
with proper security rights. Using Custom Tabs, information can be tracked,
such as required training or certifications and reports can be printed
based on the criteria you require, such as a retake date, or an expiration

We haven’t even considered how much time is spent on the telephone
answering the same question for each employee. By adding HR Self-Service,
you can allow your employees to maintain their own personal information,
enroll in employee benefits, see what benefits they are already enrolled
in and how much time off they’ve earned and used. By adding PrintBoss
Enterprise edition, and an FTP server, employees can even securely access
a PDF of their directly deposited check and print it for their records.

What about that recruiting process? By adding Applicant Manger, you can
streamline the hiring process and replace that bottom drawer full of resumes.
It also allows an employer to keep a record of applicants and their skills
in case a position opens up that would suit an applicant. Additionally,
by using the Correspondence Wizard, standard reply letters can be used
to reply to potential applicants all through the hiring process.

It’s hard to assess the true cost of the HR Department, but with
HR Series software, you can reduce the cost of accessing information,
preparing reports and disseminating information to employees which can
increase the HR Department’s efficiency so they have more time to
attend to the essential tasks of recruiting and supporting existing employees.
If we can be of assistance, please contact us at info@axisglobalpartners.com.

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