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Is Cloud Computing Here to Stay?

2013 is expected to be a year full of changes. With uncertainties about the tax code, cost of labor, government regulations, health care, and the federal deficit, small and large businesses alike are vigilant as they plan and prepare for … Continue reading

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ERP Selection Tips for Mid-Market Companies

Choosing an ERP system is one of the most strategic decisions for mid-market companies and their CEOs face a significant dilemma. Should I choose a system for today, or for how my company may look in 5 to 10 years? … Continue reading

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Discover the Many Benefits of Going Paperless with HRMS

For some time, HR professionals have aspired to create a “paperless office” with automated technology to create, store, and manage all of the employee information necessary to run a business effectively. Today the technology exists to turn this goal into … Continue reading

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Cut Costs by Moving Your ERP System to the Cloud

The United States economy has been stagnant in recent years, and small and medium-sized businesses have been affected as much as anyone. As a result, many small to medium-sized businesses have looked toward innovative technology as a means of cutting … Continue reading

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Small Businesses Looking to ERP to Increase Efficiency

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems used to be a tool reserved mostly for larger companies, but that is quickly changing. A recent survey by Aberdeen Group found that small businesses are adopting ERP software at more frequent rates. Businesses with … Continue reading

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ERP vs. Warehouse Management Systems: Which is Best?

It has been around long enough to be considered one of those “classic debates”: ERP warehouse management module or best-of-breed warehouse management system? One would think that by now this debate would have been settled. The facts and opinions have … Continue reading

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Reach Your Full Potential with Business Intelligence

In the aftermath of the Great Recession, an economy that is growing but uncertain has lead to greater caution and thrift among consumers. As a result, even as many small-to-midsized businesses plan for growth, they continue to look for ways … Continue reading

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How to Effectively Scope Your ERP Project

You may have heard the saying: “How can we all be on the same page if there is no page?” This is especially applicable when undertaking an ERP implementation. Having a well-defined and written scope of work can mean the difference between a … Continue reading

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Improve Your Company’s Efficiency with an HRMS Solution

In many organizations, the HR manager faces a dilemma. You’d like to spend more time truly improving the overall work environment for your employees. You want to help company management find ways to save on workforce-related costs, find and hire … Continue reading

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Version 5.5 Retirement

Support for Sage 300 ERP Version 5.5 will be discontinued as of March 30, 2013 Following the guidelines of the Sage Product Support Policy, and the September 2012 release of Sage 300 ERP 2012, we will no longer support Sage 300 … Continue reading

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