Is Cloud Computing Here to Stay?

2013 is expected to be a year full of changes. With uncertainties about the tax code, cost of labor, government regulations, health care, and the federal deficit, small and large businesses alike are vigilant as they plan and prepare for the upcoming year.  While there are certainly many unknowns ahead for 2013, technology is not one of them. Because of the recent advances, businesses have a positive outlook on the technological future and plan on incorporating new technologies into their business plans to further their business growth.

This past year we have heard a lot about the benefits of Cloud technology, but small businesses particularly have been wary of adopting this technology. Expect this to change this year. As small businesses face increasing competition and economic challenges, they will begin to move to the Cloud in an effort to save money and boost sales. The benefits, including accessible information from anywhere at any time, will far outweigh the cons in the minds of small business owners.

While it was slow to take off, the Cloud is now expected to make its way into the small business landscape. In fact, many Cloud users have said that it would be challenging to operate their businesses without Cloud services now that they have come to rely on them.

This statement is not surprising, as most Cloud users are highly satisfied with the results they’ve obtained from using Cloud technology. These results – including improved flexibility, productivity and cost-savings – are expected to win over many more small businesses in 2013.

Many companies are planning to expand their Cloud services to a vast array of business functions this year. While many small businesses are aware of the Cloud’s data storing functions, they may be surprised to know that there is much more that can be gained from the Cloud, including:

  • Banking (such as online banking and cash management)
  • File sharing
  • Data archival
  • Accounting

Prepare your company for success by considering moving your business systems to the Cloud.  Download our whitepaper, “The Sage Guide to Cloud Computing”, to learn more about Cloud computing and the benefits it could have to your accounting system in particular.

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