Discover the Many Benefits of Going Paperless with HRMS

For some time, HR professionals have aspired to create a “paperless office” with automated technology to create, store, and manage all of the employee information necessary to run a business effectively. Today the technology exists to turn this goal into reality with a desirable Return on Investment (ROI). Current business trends toward environmental sustainability provide the additional impetus to make the business case for paperless HR today, to help support the workforce of tomorrow.

Increasingly, reducing the use of paper in business processes will become a necessary step toward corporate sustainability efforts. Some global and regional companies are pushing sustainability initiatives not only within their own operations, but also out into the supply chain, encouraging vendors and partners to implement greener business practices. “Going green” is a competitive response to changes in social attitudes and to the expectations of customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Because of the many paper-intensive administrative processes in the Human Resources department, it is a great area to embrace corporate sustainability objectives by eliminating paper. Going paperless also saves costs and increases the efficiency and accuracy of HR functions. It can even help with recruiting and engagement—many sought-after job candidates and top-performing employees are passionate about environmental causes.

Download our whitepaper, “The Benefits of Paperless HR”, to discover the many benefits Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) software can bring to your business.

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