Five Things to Consider Before Making Your CRM Decision

Internet-based technologies have played an important role in the development of modern CRM applications over the last several years. They have been the critical driving force behind the rise of on-demand (or cloud) CRM, and have also enabled on-premise CRM vendors to dramatically simplify deployment and administration. CRM has become far more accessible as a result; adoption rates have soared, and companies today enjoy unprecedented choice when it comes to how they want to purchase, consume, and support their new business applications.

Deployment, nonetheless, is a “how” rather than a “what,” and competing CRM solutions are separated by a broader range of considerations than just the choice between on-demand and on-premise. Additionally, the relative advantage or disadvantage of one deployment type over the other is entirely dependent on each company’s individual objectives and circumstances, which are likely to change over time and vary according to a number of criteria.

Companies need to take the following criteria into consideration and discuss how both on-premise and on-demand CRM deployments will impact their business.

The five considerations are broadly categorized as:

  1. User deployment
  2. Investment timeline and total cost of ownership (TCO)
  3. Data sensitivity
  4. Availability of internal IT resources
  5. Integration

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