Plan Ahead for Technical Upgrades to Your ERP System

Enterprise software that supports business operations is generally the most important part of any data and tracking system. While companies spend considerable time researching specific programs and applications prior to an implementation, they tend to overlook future improvements afforded by a technical upgrade. While it is true that more planning and research are necessary when initially selecting an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, it is also important to regularly spend time mapping out future upgrades as well.

Once your company has become accustomed to your ERP technology, you may consider other expansions such as:

Mobile Devices: Adding mobile functionality to an ERP system is easier than many companies think. In fact, it only requires specific connection points to ensure the data collected by remote workers and employees on the floor of production facilities is matched with its database equivalents.

Cloud Computing:If you are unable to continue hosting your ERP solution on-site, you may want to consider accessing ERP through the cloud. Withready to use characteristics and availability, many companies are surprised to find how affordable and easy it can be to ‘rent’ the technology over the internet.

Training: Training is essential for any staff member who comes in contact with technology. Clerical workers, managers, IT supervisors and sales people all need to know how to deal with ERP systems and be informed of any upgrades the company is planning. Providing employees with continuous training will improve your system’s usability and success overall.

Infrastructure: If your ERP system is based on-premise, then you should consider advantages provided from upgrades to the operating system (OS) and hardware for workstations and servers. If your ERP system was implemented over 5 years ago, it is possible that you will still be using older versions of Windows OS, or that your hardware is has a sub-standard configuration and is reaching an out-of-capacity state. Make sure that any planning for infrastructure upgrades also considers the impact on any customizations made to the existing systems.

Regularly upgrading your ERP system will increase efficiency in the workplace and give you the most accurate information about your business. If you need assistance in planning your next technology upgrade, contact your local Axis Global Partners office today. Download this informative whitepaper – “An ERP Guide to Driving Efficiency” – to learn more about how an ERP system can benefit your company. anabolen kuur

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