How do the updated Accounts Groups in the v6.0 General Ledger affect me?

In Version 6.0, the standard set of account groups that come with Sage ERP Accpac have been modified.

To use the sample reports that come with Financial Reporter with your own data, your accounts must be assigned to the same standard account groups.

To use the new “snapshots” that are available in the Sage ERP Accpac Portal (samples below), all your accounts must be assigned to account groups and all account groups must be assigned to group categories. If you don’t want to use general ledger data snapshots, you don’t need to remap existing accounts to new account groups.

If you have not used account groups previously, note that the Account Groups form appears only if the Use Account Groups option is selected in the G/L Options form.

New Group Categories
Group categories  organize your accounting information especially for presentation in the Sage ERP Accpac Portal. The new Income Statement and Balance Sheet snapshots retrieve data from group categories that are linked to your general ledger accounts through account groups.

If you plan to use the general ledger snapshots, you must first:

  1. Ensure that all account groups are assigned to an appropriate category from the new set of group categories. (Assign group categories using the Account Groups setup form.)
  2. Ensure that all general ledger accounts are assigned to appropriate account groups. (Assign account groups to group categories using the Account Groups setup form.)

New Financial Reporter Sample Statements
Financial Reporter includes a set of sample statements that now use the new account groups.

If you want to use the new sample statements with your own data, you must ensure that your accounts use the new standard account groups. (If you use different account groups, you must customize the report forms so that they use your account groups.)

If you do not want to use the new set of sample financial statements, you can continue to use the statements that shipped with earlier versions.

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