Five Ways ERP Solutions Increase Business Agility

Business agility is the ability for a business to be able to rapidly make informed decisions in order to react quickly and cost effectively to changes in their environment. In previous decades, business agility was a “nice to have” function, but today’s real-time environment requires that even the largest enterprises operate nimbly.

As Focus Expert, Jonathan Gross, says, “[whether] businesses like it or not, they have to be agile to succeed. If managing extreme economic volatility wasn’t challenging enough, businesses also have to contend with shifts caused by acts-of-God (e.g. the Japanese supply disruption), faster cycles of technological innovation and obsolescence, and structural shifts in the labor market.” Modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions allow for businesses to increase their agility by, “providing the ability to close gaps at all levels of business,” and ultimately getting the right information into the right person’s hand at exactly the right time.

The following are five ways modern ERP solutions increase business agility:

  1. Deliver real-time business intelligence
  2. Encourage business process improvements
  3. Leverage mobile technology
  4. Offer end-to-end automation
  5. Utilize cloud architecture and modular design

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