3 Ways to Make Your Employees Lives’ Easier

Summer is in full swing and your staff is bound to start asking, “How many vacations days do I have left?”  If you are like most organizations, you have an HR person or team that has to answer this question along with a million others.  The HR person has to dig through paperwork and spreadsheets while the employee anxiously waits to see if he can book his vacation to Italy.  Isn’t it about time we started making our employees lives’ easier?  Here are three ways that HR software can make a difference for your entire team:

  1. Easily Create and Run Reports.  Rather than waiting hours or days for an answer about vacation days, your HR team can create a report that can be run in a matter of seconds.  The software stores all the data in one place and knows how many vacation days that employee gets per year as well as the amount of days that have already been used.  The HR person doesn’t have to sort through paperwork and the employee doesn’t have to wait.  Everybody wins!
  2. Send Reminders. Benefit eligibility dates, health insurance renewals and certification dates are extremely important to everyone in the company but are very easily overlooked. HR software can be set-up to manage these mundane details and even notify team members as these days approach.  This gives everyone enough time to make well thought out decisions.
  3. Provide Accurate Answers on Company Policies. Ask three people the same question and you’ll often get three different answers.  Company policy is no stranger to interpretation and it can make life difficult for your employees.  HR Software gives you one place to keep all of your company policies and management endorsed “frequently asked questions”.   Employees don’t have to track down their 5 year old policy manual, they can reference the software for a quick and accurate answer to their question.

Make your employees lives’ easier by giving them the tools they need.  Quick reports, reminders and answers provided by HR software help simplify life for your HR department and your entire team.  With new self-service options, you can even provide your employees with the ability to look this information up for themselves.  Image what your HR department could accomplish if they weren’t bombarded with daily information requests. Learn more about HR Solutions and Employee Self Service

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