How Do You Grow Your Business without Adding Overhead? It may be time to look at a new accounting solution

Maintaining your business management software is no longer a technical decision that can be  made by the IT department alone, as your system is not just a key part of your IT strategy, but  one of your most important and sensitive corporate assets. It is vital to ensure your business management solution is supporting your corporate strategies and providing the performance you need to sustain and grow your business.

Don’t wait until you simply cannot bandage the system any longer. Make sure you look for warning signs that your system can’t keep up. By the time you are certain that your current systems are inadequate, you’re probably already losing money to reduced productivity, lost opportunities, poor data quality, and insufficient information to make insightful decisions.

Top Ten Indicators You’re Ready to Make A Change

  1. Performance degradation
  2. Collaboration challenges due to lack of information availability or access
  3. Inability to make well-informed decisions based on up-to-date information in a timely manner
  4. Utilization of external payroll solutions
  5. Limited functionality and software integration capabilities
  6. Payment of regulation compliance and auditing fees
  7. Limitations forcing workarounds and purging of data—transactional volume, size of database, users, field sizes, years of history
  8. Inability to support international locations, sales, or purchasing due to lack of multinational functionality including multiple currency and language support
  9. Forced workarounds and manual processes to manage multiple companies
  10. Inventory complexity and multiple location support.

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