How Human Resources Self Service Can Increase Productivity

The question, “Is now a good time?” is a difficult one to answer for most Human Resource Managers.  They want to take care of the employee’s needs but struggle with the constant interruptions and piles of paperwork.

Many software programs have been developed to now allow employees to manage many of their own HR functions such as vacation requests, view skills, job history, and performance reviews and even print pay stubs.  Managers can access information on employees, approve time off requests, and locate personnel information all without a single knock on their door.

Here are a few benefits that come from employee self service:

  • No more paper! Employees fill out all requests through a portal and there is no need for the endless forms that once accompanied these tasks.  Because the data is already in the system, the HR manager does not need to duplicate that effort and re-enter it into the HR software.
  • Reduced Data Entry. Many HR self-service applications can integrate to ERP and take another step toward reducing data entry.  Payroll data is linked without user intervention to ensure that paychecks are always correct.
  • Increased Accuracy. Most software solutions will not allow the employee to submit the form unless they have completed all the necessary fields.  What does that mean for you?  No more chasing down employees for that last bit of information.  Also, all requests can be checked against company and benefit policies to ensure complete accuracy.

Empowering your employees to manage their own requests simply makes life easier for all parties, improving everyone’s productivity.  Managers are not bogged down with paperwork and employees are able to submit their requests or print their records whenever the urge strikes.  Learn more about Employee Self-Service and the increased productivity that comes with it by clicking here.

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