New A/R Features are Well Received

Continuing our focus on Sage Accpac Version 5.6, we’d like to introduce a few changes and new features in accounts receivable.  For starters, Accounts Receivable 5.6 comes standard with 3 powerful inquiry forms that were only available with AR Inquiry (previously a separate purchase). Throw in a few enhanced A/R reports and we think you’ll like what you see.  Let’s take a closer look.

Customer Inquiry
The old Customer Activity form has been replaced by a new Customer Inquiry form.  Customer Inquiry provides all of the information and functions of the former Customer Activity form (including drill down and document history) PLUS additional capabilities including:

  • Separate tabs (with drill down) for adjustments and recurring charges.
  • Document details and application history are now     contained in one tab. You can also open the new Document Inquiry tab (see below) to view details like ship-to information, taxes, and exchange rates.
  • Separate tabs for Orders, Invoices, and Sales with full drill down capability if you’re using Order Entry. You can also double click an item number on the order entry sales tab to view Contract Pricing in Inventory Control.
  • Additional tabs make it easy to find information like Ship-to, Credit Status, Address, Comments, and Activity/Stats in Accounts Receivable for a selected customer.

Document Inquiry
This new form displays all information and transactions   related to a specified document. You can drill down to Document Inquiry from all A/R transaction entry forms and to Customer Inquiry to view information about the customer associated with the document. If you use Order     Entry, you can also drill down from order numbers or shipment numbers in Document Inquiry to launch the original order or shipment.

Customer List

  • Customer List lets you apply a wide selection of customer criteria to create a variety of reports to meet your specific needs. For example, you can:
  • Print an aging report of overdue customers by due date or document date and filter results by credit limit.
  • Print reports using any number of optional fields that you use to track and identify customers.
  • Print a list of customers by territory for sales, a report of customers whose accounts are inactive, and a list of customers by comment follow-up date to ensure timely communications.
  • You can drill down from a Customer List Summary to the new Customer Inquiry form to view more details.

Enhanced Reports
3 reports have been enhanced in A/R including Aged Trial Balance, A/R Statements, and Customer Transactions – all of which are easier to read and provide new sort/filter options.

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