Introducing Sage Accpac ERP Version 5.6!

Sage Accpac ERP Version 5.6 has arrived and it’s packed with new features like the new Sage Accpac Intelligence for financial analysis, improved bank reconciliation and accounts payable processes, and customer-requested inventory tracking improvements including completely redesigned lot and serial tracking capability.  Let’s take a closer look.

Sage Accpac Intelligence
The new Sage Accpac Intelligence product leverages a familiar Microsoft Excel interface allowing you to slice, dice, and analyze your Sage Accpac financial and operational data to make quicker, more   informed decisions.  It combines grids, reports, and graphical dashboards that present the data in as much, or little, detail as you need. Several standard reports and templates are delivered out to the box and are easily customizable. Or, you can create new reports using the included Report Manager.

Improved Workflow in Bank Services
Managing multiple companies, bank accounts, and currencies can become very time consuming   without the right tools. That’s where Bank Services for Sage Accpac comes in.  The improved workflow in Version 5.6 delivers a more straightforward way of reconciling your accounts. In addition to a new user interface, new features include better tools for separation of duties, an improved reversal process, and a Bank Entries Posting journal that provides an audit trail and keeps a history of posted transactions so you can review them even after posting. Plus with new reports and better integration with the General Ledger, you’ll finish month-end reconciliation faster than ever.

Lot and Serial Tracking
As you probably know, tracking your inventory by serial and/or lot numbers can dramatically improve your inventory traceability and allows you to more effectively manage product recalls, returns, and charge-backs.  That’s why Version 5.6 introduces a completely redesigned serial and lot tracking workflow along with several customer-requested functional improvements. Plus, serial and lot     tracking are now tightly integrated into 1 bundle, resulting in better transaction tracking and faster performance. You’ll also discover:

  • Improved serialized inventory and lot costing methods traceability
  • Mask structure per item, rather than per system
  • Ability to allow quantity to be different at the item level rather than the system level
  • Auto-allocation of serials and lots

A Bunch of Other Great Stuff
In preparation for Version 5.6, over 5,000 customers and partners were consulted through on-site visits, surveys, interviews, and observational studies. The result is a collection of customer-requested enhancements, technology upgrades, and other useful features that can be very important in helping you to make the most of your investment in Sage Accpac.

That’s why we encourage you to Contact Us for a copy of the SAGE ACCPAC Version 5.6 Release Guide with the full details and discover all the great new features available for your Sage Accpac system!

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