The Value of SageCRM for Accounting

One of the most significant components of the new Sage  Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite  (“EES”) is SageCRM.  If you’ve done some homework, you probably discovered that SageCRM is a fantastic tool for sales and marketing professionals.  But if you look a little deeper, you’ll realize that SageCRM offers tremendous benefit to your accounting    operations as well.  Let’s explore.

Better Cash Flow and AR Collections
SageCRM provides an “AR Collections Manager” that allows your accounting personnel to prioritize and manage customer collections and rapidly convert outstanding invoices into cash in the bank.  The AR Collections Manager consolidates outstanding account information into a single view that combines graphs and data in tables that allow you to quickly identify potential problems and schedule follow up action.  Plus, the integrated Calendar and Task Manager takes you beyond a static printed aging report and arms you with tools to prioritize collection calls, escalate accounts, and schedule automatic email reminders.  And since everyone in your organization is working from the same Extended Enterprise database, your sales people will have access to customer history and can help keep the collections process moving during their interaction with customers.

No More Hand Holding
No doubt your accounting department receives multiple requests each week from sales and customer service regarding status of orders, shipments, refunds, credit lines, payments received, and endless other accounting and  operational   inquiries.  With Extended Enterprise Suite, SageCRM can   provide a window to Sage Accpac ERP because all data is centralized in a single database.  That means sales and customer service personnel get fast answers using SageCRM to perform their own operational inquiries while Accounting benefits from fewer daily interruptions.  In fact with appropriate security settings, sales can enter orders directly into Sage Accpac ERP from the SageCRM desktop.

Improve Vendor Management
SageCRM makes it easy to stay on top of vendor discounts, track special contract arrangements, and process purchasing requests and quotes in a timely fashion.  With the Calendar and Task Management functions, you can set up task reminders to take advantage of timely payment discounts.  Using the Communication Management function of SageCRM, you can keep track of key members of your Vendor’s team and collect all agreements and documents in one place which will ensure fantastic vendor relationships.

Those are just a few examples of how SageCRM and the Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite will transform your business from a restricted enterprise with departmental bottlenecks to an integrated and free-flowing extended enterprise. 

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about Extended Enterprise Suite or SageCRM.

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