So, What’s This Extended Enterprise Suite Anyway?

By now, you’ve probably heard about the new Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite (“EES”) that was rolled out in the middle of 2008. EES consolidates your financial, operational, sales, marketing, and customer support functions into a single application. If you’re wondering what components make up the suite and the benefit it offers, read on and learn more about this exciting option for your Sage Accpac ERP system.

What Makes Up the “Suite”?
At its core, EES represents the marriage of SageCRM in the front office with Sage Accpac ERP in the back office. Throw in the new Analytical Dashboards feature and tighter integration with Sage Accpac HRMS and Sage FAS Fixed Assets and you’ve got the powerful new Extended Enterprise Suite that delivers a complete view of your entire business from sales to accounting and from the warehouse to customer support.

How Does That Help?
Many cutting-edge technologies of yesterday were the exclusive domain of large enterprise companies. A complete end-to-end system was cost-prohibitive for most small and mid-sized businesses that often struggled with a patchwork of disparate software and departments that operated in functional “silos.” But the technology of   yesterday is now mature, accessible, and affordable … something that’s appealing to companies of all sizes.

What Will My Business Look Like When It’s EXTENDED?
SageCRM, formerly a separate installation with unique hardware and database requirements, is now embedded within Sage Accpac ERP. That means everyone in your company is working from the same data, following the same workflow, and breaking down departmental barriers to improve efficiency. Integrated data translates into more accurate reports, better decisions, and a complete 360-degree view of your operations.

It transforms your business from a restricted enterprise with departmental bottlenecks to an integrated and free-flowing extended enterprise.

Other Nice Benefits
In addition to providing operational simplicity, Extended Enterprise Suite takes the complexity out of software  purchase, maintenance and service. EES is priced per user (not by module), giving each user total access to all suite functionality (Note: special pricing is available to existing Sage Accpac customers that want to upgrade). Also, the functionality from 10 Sage Accpac Options that formerly required separate purchase and installation are now built in to the Extended Enterprise Suite including GL Security, new inquiry features, Lot Tracking with Serialized Inventory, and others.

Stay tuned for future newsletters that will explore EES in more detail. In the meantime, please contact usif you’d like to learn about EES sooner rather than later.

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