Attention Sage Pro Users – Sage Pro and Microsoft Visual FoxPro

Following the announcement that Microsoft made on Tuesday, March 13, regarding future versions of Visual FoxPro, Sage Software wants Sage Pro ERP users to know their continuing position on Sage Pro ERP. Since VFP v9.0 will continue to be supported through 2015, Sage does not foresee any change in their development plans for Sage Pro.

Sage Software will continue to develop Sage Pro in order to offer the features and enhancements that they feel will address the needs of the market. And since Microsoft is opening up more of VFP’s extensibility features with Project Sedna, they encourage business partners to take advantage of these features for any modifications they market for Sage Pro.

Sage Software is committed to working with their clients and business partner community to meet the needs of their Sage Pro clients for the life of their business.

Read Microsoft’s announcement here.

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