Banking Made Easy With Remote Deposit Capture!

If I could recommend you a solution that:

  • Significantly reduces your trips to the bank!
  • Eliminates float!
  • Eliminates photocopying of checks!
  • Eliminates the need of making deposit slips!
  • Eliminates the AR receipt data entry in Sage Accpac ERP!

Would this be of interest to you?

Here is how it works:

With recent changes in banking laws and advances in scanner technology, bank customers can now scan their check receipts and “deposit”
the resulting check images in the bank through the Internet. As long as the image transfer occurs by 6:30 pm Central time, customers receive next
day funds availability on all deposits. With Remote Deposit Capture, insufficient funds notification occurs much faster. And, our software automatically
creates a receipt batch in accounts receivable for application and posting. Remote Deposit Capture saves time and money by eliminating trips to
the bank, eliminating float, and eliminating accounting software receipt entry. For more information, please contact us at

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