Can Your Company Benefit from an HR Strategic Partner?

Job Duties of traditional HR managers and personnel have included writing job descriptions, recruiting, new employee orientation and management of personnel files, among others. Today’s HR managers are being asked to become strategic partners in their organizations by justifying their department’s worth and value. As these roles continue to evolve, HR job duties and functions are also changing.

HR managers are being tasked with reducing the HR costs of an organization. They have to statistically show improvement in such metrics as improved timelines, reduction of absences and tardiness, successful defense against unemployment claims, improved workplace safety, and other key performance indicators that demonstrate value to their organizations. Like any other department, HR managers are now being forced to align HR goals with the company’s strategic goals.

With this increase in responsibility and measurement requirements, HR managers need to focus on results and providing them to management in a timely an almost instantaneous fashion. As a result, many companies are implementing HR software solutions that automate many of the functions being currently maintained manually and in spreadsheets. HR systems are “more” costly than the old manual cards and the “free” excel spreadsheets but the strategic HR manager will justify the investment and the return on investment (ROI) of an integrated HR system. Some of these benefits include, reduction of personnel, improving the management of benefits, gained efficiencies, and the avoidance of costly mistakes (such as missed insurance enrollments), and overpaid leave to name a few.

Switching from the traditional role to becoming at strategic partner of an organization as an HR manager won’t happen overnight. It can be accomplished by improving internal systems and keeping a “Can Do” attitude. As a trusted advisor for your business, Axis Integrated Solutions can provide guidance on becoming a strategic HR manager, provide advice on integrated system selection, and provide turn-key integrated HR systems. If you are a HR manager and are looking to become and integral strategic partner to your corporation, please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss how we can assist you and your organization.

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