Sage Accpac 5.4 is here. 267 more reasons to love your Sage Accpac ERP Business Management Solution

Sage Software proudly announced the new release of Sage
Accpac ERP Version 5.4—an important upgrade that includes 267 of
the most requested features by Sage Accpac customers. Sage Accpac 5.4
delivers more power and flexibility, so customers can work faster and
smarter than ever before.

The new Sage Accpac 5.4 gives everyone in the accounting department more
of the tools that they need to get their jobs done faster and with greater
confidence. New process improvements let accounting personnel speed through
their tactical tasks, giving them more time for analysis and strategic
thinking. New Reporting and Inquiry tools give business owners and controllers
better and faster access to information for more effective decision-making.
And, with new operational flexibility that runs through every module of
version 5.4, Sage Accpac customers now have more ways to configure the
system to accommodate their unique processes, procedures, and preferences.

Product Compatibility with Sage Accpac 5.4

For customers running earlier versions of Sage Accpac ERP it takes some
planning to make sure that all of the products are running are compatible
with each other. These products may include other end-to-end applications
such as Warehouse management, Human Resources, and CRM, among others.
They also include Sage Accpac Options products and third-party applications.
Please contact us and we will contact the vendor for third-party compatibility
information. Sage also has some tools to assist you with respect to end-to-end
and Options products.

On Sage’s public Web pages, you can find updated Sage Accpac
Options and end-to-end compatibility charts
under “Related Links”
on the right side of the page. In most cases you’ll find out if
the current version of the Sage Accpac products you are currently running
is compatible today, needs a service pack, or at least see the ETA on
the compatibility release.

For a detail list of enhancements,
please download the document “What
is New in Version 5.4

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