Is Your Company Ready?

Business disruptions happen frequently: planned outages,
system maintenance upgrades, or hardware and systems failures. Periodically,
larger-scale disruptions, such as power outages, fires, hurricanes or
other major catastrophes, can occur.

Hurricane Season started June 1 and forecasters predict another active

Facts About Data Loss

Most businesses today have considered the risk of data loss, but few
have adequately protected their data.

  • 34% of companies fail to test their tape backups,
    and of those that do, 77% have found tape backup
    . (A)
  • 93% of companies that lost their data for 10 days
    or more due to disaster filed for bankruptcy within
    one year of the disaster
    . (B)
  • 50% of businesses without their data for the same
    time period filed for bankruptcy immediately.

*Statistics: (A) The Gartner Group (B) National Archives & Records

Your business isn’t safe if your data is unprotected

CoreVault Secure™ is a fully automated backup and recovery service
designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. CoreVault
Secure™ online service completely eliminates the hassle and unreliability
of tape backups. With our online service you can backup your critical
data to our secure, offsite location and secondary vault over 120 miles
away and never have to worry about the security
of your data again

Please click this link CoreVault to view an online demo of this backup solution. This cost effective solution
is priced for small and medium businesses like yours. Sleep better at
night knowing you have a strong contingency plan that will protect your
data and enable your business to continue operations.

For more information, please contact us at

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