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Cut Costs by Moving Your ERP System to the Cloud

The United States economy has been stagnant in recent years, and small and medium-sized businesses have been affected as much as anyone. As a result, many small to medium-sized businesses have looked toward innovative technology as a means of cutting … Continue reading

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Incorporate Social Media into Your CRM Strategy for Better, More Informed Customer Interactions

No matter how big or small your company may be, pleasing your customers should still be high on your priority list. Even a massive corporation like Google or General Electric should be just as focused on keeping customers happy, satisfied … Continue reading

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Could Business Intelligence Improve Customer Relationships?

Business intelligence (BI) has been around for quite some time, but the sector experienced a major revival in 2012, driven largely by the increasing need for advanced data analytics. According to a recent Gartner survey, BI and analytics were voted … Continue reading

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Small Businesses Looking to ERP to Increase Efficiency

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems used to be a tool reserved mostly for larger companies, but that is quickly changing. A recent survey by Aberdeen Group found that small businesses are adopting ERP software at more frequent rates. Businesses with … Continue reading

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ERP vs. Warehouse Management Systems: Which is Best?

It has been around long enough to be considered one of those “classic debates”: ERP warehouse management module or best-of-breed warehouse management system? One would think that by now this debate would have been settled. The facts and opinions have … Continue reading

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