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Employee Buy-in Key to CRM Success

Companies looking to improve their customer relationship management (CRM) deployments need to take a harder look at their employees and not necessarily the technology itself. While technology is generally easy to implement, companies need to ensure that their employees are … Continue reading

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Business Intelligence: More than a Software System?

In order for a business intelligence (BI) project to be successful, it needs to be treated as part of a larger, broader company-wide change and more than just a software implementation. Traditionally, BI has been used for performance reporting from … Continue reading

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Before Purchasing an ERP System, Consider the Total Cost of Ownership

There are a lot of financial considerations that companies have to make when adopting different kinds of business software. Some are more complicated than others and require a lot of calculation. Returns on investment, new business plans and pre-implementations strategies … Continue reading

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Seven Reasons Your Company Should Invest in a Warehouse Management System

There is some debate as to whether an investment in a warehouse management system for a production, distribution, transportation, third party logistics or other supply chain company is worth the money and the implementation time.  Instead of keeping employees doing … Continue reading

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