Is Your Company HR Compliant?

Workforce regulations and compliance requirements are changing—with ever-increasing frequency in recent years. Staying on top of these critical issues is a challenge for any HR department, but it’s especially difficult for teams lacking a Human Resources Management System (HRMS). One of the primary functions of an HRMS is to help keep your company in compliance with government agency record-keeping and reporting requirements.

An ongoing educational series, Sage HRMS Presents, provides businesses with links to valuable HR-related resources including white papers, analyst reports, webcasts, and best practices that can give organizations a competitive edge. The following guide will serve to teach companies about:

  • Workforce legislation and regulations that could affect any company
  • What government agencies are responsible for enforcement
  • How much potential penalties could cost businesses
  • What steps to take to avoid violations

Avoid costly fines and minimize risks to your business by staying on top of the latest legislative changes affecting employers. Download our guide, “Avoiding Costly Fines: A 2012 Guide to Compliance Mandates” now to learn more.

Offer: “Avoiding Costly Fines: A 2012 Guide to Compliance Mandates

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