Improving ERP Usability

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions have always offered powerful capabilities for managing operational data and improving business efficiency. Today’s organizations realize that ERP solutions are critical to helping them serve customers throughout their lifecycle and providing the accurate, up-to-date information they need to make better decisions more quickly.  And modern ERP solutions are delivering these capabilities with greater ease of use which further improves their benefits and ROI.

The best ERP vendors today are meeting customer demands by upgrading their solutions with a wide range of capabilities that improve usability. Read the “Improving ERP Usability” whitepaper which details the business impact of modern usability enhancements which include visual processes, dashboards, an intuitive user interface, a common look and feel, configurability, SOA architecture, mobile interfaces, eCommerce integration and business intelligence. ERP solutions that incorporate these capabilities reduce training and implementation timeframes to deliver faster ROI, reduce total cost of ownership, improve productivity, improve staffing flexibility and enhance collaboration.

Today, organizations are looking to ERP solutions to help more types of users more efficiently and effectively perform their everyday activities of driving business change and improvement. Strategic companies are demanding that ERP solutions help expand traditional business processes to support the complete customer lifecycle—from first contact to contract to cash to care.

To support this new approach, ERP solutions must provide staff across the business with accurate, up-to-date information in a format they can easily access and disseminate. ERP solutions must also help organizations improve their ability to analyze information to make better decisions and make high-risk decisions more quickly and accurately. Users are no longer willing to spend time digging through reports or struggling with hard-to-use solutions. are anabolic steroids legal

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