Credit Card Processing Integrates with ERP Systems to Automate Business Procedures

Is your business ready to accept debit cards and credit cards in your retail location or on your website? If you currently accept credit cards and debit cards, are you looking for a way to connect your debit/credit card processing to your ERP system? Is your company seeking to save time and money with a more automated credit card processing to A/R system?

Credit card processing can now be integrated with your ERP system to help you achieve those results.   The number of companies operating credit card processing systems is on the rise. Studies show that more and more purchases are being made with credit cards each year, and it has been proven that vendors who accept credit cards increase their sales by 15 to 50 percent.

However, until recently, companies were unable to consolidate the data from credit card processing systems into ERP systems. With new technologies and products, such as Sage ERP Accpac Payment Processing, integration between credit card terminals and ERP systems is easy. Some of the benefits of integrations include:

  • No duplicate entries. Many companies have a two-step process: pull the data from the credit card terminal and then manually input the information into the ERP system. This process of double entry often led to multiple errors. Integration reduces the need for double entry and decreases the chances for manual errors.
  • Eliminates unnecessary paperwork. Manually entering data from the terminals is not only time consuming; it is wasteful. Integration eliminates the unnecessary paperwork and frees up time – and paper – to focus on other tasks.
  • A/R receipts for paid invoices are automatically created. Instead of processing the payment, entering it into the ERP system, and creating an invoice, integration automatically inputs the data and creates the invoice in one step.
  • Merchants can process, void or preauthorize credit card payments. Integration takes care of preauthorization, guaranteeing the customer’s credit status for the order amount, and capturing the preauthorized amount when the order is invoiced, as well as perform voids and refunds.
  • Accounts Receivable integration. Fully integrates with the accounts receivable module to process receipts, prepayments, unapplied cash and miscellaneous receipts. It also has the ability to pay multiple invoices with a single credit card, apply partial credit card payments and process refunds.
  • Easy Access. Transactional information is captured and securely stored for historical and reconciliation purposes, and can be accessed and viewed online 24/7.
  • Fraud prevention features to protect you and your customers from unauthorized credit card usage.

Integrating your credit card processing with your ERP system is a smart solution. It will not only decrease manual and duplicate entry for credit card processing to reduce errors, but it will increase your productivity, accuracy and save your employees from arduous and unnecessary paperwork. It is proven to be a safe and complete credit card processing solution for all types of businesses that need a more automated data-entry process. In the end, integration will not only improve your business and processes, it will improve your relationship with the most important part of the business: your customers.

For more information about integrating your credit card processing with your ERP system, read our brochure.

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