Sage CRM Integrated E-mail Marketing – A Powerful Combination

Email isn’t just a cost-effective, high-ROI tool to reach new customers. It has become a brand tool that can create and sustain customer relationships at different levels, thanks to e-mail marketing tools.  However, branding is no longer enough.  While competition keeps heating up to reach inboxes, the need to respect customers’ individual needs has become equally important.

With traditional, stand-alone e-mail marketing tools, lists are exported from your CRM system then imported into your e-mail marketing tools.  The e-mails are sent and responses are tracked within the e-mail tool.   And while these responses can be exported, tracking the data in your CRM system would be virtually impossible without heavy manual data entry.  This also requires heavy list segmentation with limited ability to truly measure results.

There is now a way to combine the power of CRM with e-mail marketing to have the best of both worlds. Now you can reach out to your contacts, grow your customer base, nurture and qualify leads, and automate sales and marketing practices. A fully integrated e-marketing solution lets you create campaigns and view history, interactions, and results — all from within your Sage CRM system. Reports show open and click rates and trends over time so you can understand which campaigns bring the most success.

These numbers can help you to determine what types of marketing efforts create the most closed opportunities and drive your marketing plans for the following years.  CRM has become integral and even essential when planning and executing marketing campaigns and now with integrated e-mail marketing Sage CRM is even more powerful.

To learn more about the power of Sage CRM E-marketing, join our free webinar to get the full scope of how these combined tools could positively impact your emarketing success:

Webinar:  eMarketing for Success
Date:  Tuesday, November 1, 2011
Time 10:00am CST
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The conference phone number and other details will show after logging into the meeting.  If you haven’t used WebEx before, please join 5 to 10 minutes early so you can log into the meeting and install WebEx.  WebEx is only supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Everyone who attends the webinar will receive our whitepaper on “The Benefits of Email Marketing as a Cost Effective Marketing Tool”.

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