Do you know of a company like Thorpe and Sons that could benefit from our services?

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to provide them with the same service and value that all of our clients receive from us.  The greatest compliment we receive is when you share the positive experience you’ve had with Axis Global Partners. The fact that you trust us with your business management information system carries a lot of weight.  We hope you’ll take a few moments to think of those who would benefit from our services now or in the future.

When you refer someone to us who becomes an Axis Global Partners’ client, we give you or your company (depending on your company policy) $1,000.00, or donate the same amount to the charity of your choice.  Consider this our way of saying thank you and as a demonstration of how much we appreciate you and your business.  Referring someone is easy; simply urge them to contact their local Axis Global Partners office. list of steroids

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