Increase Employee Engagement to Increase Your Bottom-line

Over the last few years, economic uncertainty forced many companies to make a variety of cutbacks to optimize productivity and maintain profitability. Many of these changes affected employees including salary and hiring freezes, reduced benefits, limited opportunities for promotion, and even the elimination of training dollars and employee perks. These cutbacks, coupled with the concern over layoffs and limited job opportunities, have taken a toll on employee morale and negatively affected levels of employee engagement.  According to the 2010 Gallup Management Journal’s Employee Engagement Index, 29% of employees are fully engaged, 54% are not engaged, and 17% are knowingly disengaged.

As reports of economic recovery and hiring become more frequent, disengaged workers will have opportunities to find other employment. A survey released in January 2011 by the National Association of Business Economics reported that firms believe the U.S. economic recovery is gaining strength, and 42% of the economists surveyed forecasted an increase in hiring in the first half of 2011.

In order to prevent the loss of valuable employees, human resources departments need to find ways to overcome workers’ feelings of pessimism about the workplace. How can your company increase employee engagement and retain top performers? Click here to read The HR Manager’s Guide to Employee Engagement.  This guide examines current statistics about employee engagement, shows how employee engagement affects companies’ financial performance, and provides tips to effectively increase employee engagement at your company.

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